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4-1/2” Diamabrush Removal Tool



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Now both professionals and do-it-yourselfers can remove mastics, glue, adhesives, epoxies, thin-set, paint, and many other gummy coatings. The patented design delivers ideal performance without loading up or clogging the abrasive. The result is a perfectly profiled surface achieved in less than half the time of competitive abrasive tools.


I never write reviews. I live in remote Alaska, where renting from home depot isn't a viable option. I needed something to remove old, flaking epoxy paint from my hangar floor, about 300 sq ft. I bought two of these while in the lower 48 in hopes that it would work. I only needed 1. Took about three hours and lots of dust, but back down to clean concrete!



This tool strips off old adhesive better than anything else that I have used.



This is one of those tools that does positive things to your psyche. I suggest buying a dust shroud as well. In short...I was smiling, grunting, and feeling pretty darn powerful while operating this grinder. After hours of trying various methods to remove paint from concrete to prepare for tile (Larry, Steel brush cup grinder, torch and scraper) I bought this brush and put it on my grinder. If you want a tool that gets the job done and does it right....this tool is it.



     Washington, DC