Asphalt Heavy Duty Orange Wet Core Bore Bits H64L


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  • Asphalt and Block 
  • Medium Aggregate 
  • Light Steel 
  • Longer Life 
  • Provides very high quality diamond and longer coring life. 
  • Segmented wet coring 
  • The industry standard in high quality coring

Part #'s and its respective CAT #'s where applicable, BH500:36273 BH625:16875 BH750:16877 BH875:16886 BH1000:04810 BH1125:27000 BH1250:25596 BH1375:36274 BH1500:28619 BH1625:26414 BH1750:28621 BH1875:20934 BH2000:04934 BH2250:04957 BH2500:04976 BH2750:28623 BH3000:05013 BH3250:28624 BH3500:28625 BH4000:05060 BH4250:05077 BH4500:05086 BH5000:05107 BH5500:28626 BH6000:05131 BH6250:05143 BH6500:05150 BH7000:24977 BH8000:05180 BH9000:28627 BH10000:04820 BH12000:04848 BH14000:24889 BH16000:25130 BH18000:28628 BH20000:28636 BH24000:04966