Carbide Plate Cutter Wet Core Bore Bit


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  • Plate Steel Coring 
  • Full Steel 
  • Good Life 
  • Carbide-tipped bits for coring plate steel 
  • Wet coring

Part #'s and its respective CAT #'s where applicable, CBPC500:59195 CBPC625:49514 CBPC750:49515 CBPC875:52040 CBPC1000:07260 CBPC1125:07262 CBPC1250:07263 CBPC1375:61081 CBPC1500:07265 CBPC1625:62663 CBPC1750:07266 CBPC1875:55705 CBPC2000:07267 CBPC2500:07269 CBPC3000:07270 CBPC3500:62429 CBPC4000:07273 CBPC5000:43399 CBPC6000:07275 CBPC8000:07276 CBPC9000:43401 CBPC10000:43402