Delux-Cut High Speed Turbo Blades


Diamond Products

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  • Diamond Depth: .400” (10mm)
  • Segment Height: .500” (13mm)

Basic quality diamond and economical cutting value

Part #'s and its respective CAT #'s where applicable, TD04080:21124 TD040805PK:21242 TD045080:21134 TD0450805PK:21288 TD05080:21139 TD050805PK:21289 TD06080:21141 TD060805PK:21308 TD07095:21163 TD070955PK:21318 TD08095:21183 TD09095:21203 TD10110:21204 TD12125:21205 TD121255PK:21220 TD14125:21212 TD141255PK:21229