Carbide Chunk Tomahawk Demolition Blades (7" 14" & 16")


Nor-Cal Diamond Products

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Carbide tipped demolition blades that are made to cut anything. Equipped with solid steel welded tungsten carbide segments for roof breaching and rescue applications. Efficiently cuts through: Tar / Gravel Roofing Fiberglass Wood / Roots Asphalt Roof Shingles Rubber and Plastic Metal Sheet / Studs Blade can be reversed to expose new edges during use. 7" arbor is 5/8", 7/8" and Dm.

This exclusive and unique blade cuts stubborn materials that diamond or abrasive blades can’t, such as joint sealant materials, caulking, rubber or wood. Features chunks of carbide placed in a matrix that shreds joint sealant and caulking materials. Used with an angle grinder, it does in minutes what normally takes hours using conventional hand removal methods. Safely “cubes” even the softest sealant materials without burning the material or “gumming up”.

Can be used wet or dry. WARNING: Never use these blades on multi-purpose cutoff saws, including gas powered, unless the saw has a guard that completely covers both the upper and lower half of the blade. This guard must extend to the lowest point of the cutting teeth on the bottom of the blade. Read and follow all instructions that came with your machine. Use with extreme caution and at your own risk.