Giga Supreme Titanium Cured Concrete Diamond Blades


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Suited for reinforced concrete and hard aggregate

  • .500” Diamond Depth
  • Ultra-High diamond concentration for maximum life
  • Especially well suited for sawing in tough applications.

Part #'s and its respective CAT #'s where applicable, CGU10110M: CGU12110M: CGU12125M: CGU12187M: CGU14110M: CGU14125M:03576 CGU14140M:15752 CGU14155M:39132 CGU14187M:21287 CGU14250M:03119 CGU16125M:01042 CGU16155M:16658 CGU16187M:26696 CGU18125M:24395 CGU18140M:04230 CGU18155M:08345 CGU18165M:05041 CGU18175M:83045 CGU18187M:42926 CGU18210M:92478 CGU18250M:81541 CGU20125M: CGU20140M:12557 CGU20155M:16775 CGU20165M:08313 CGU20187M:14563 CGU20250M:38237 CGU24140M:12544 CGU24155M:16962 CGU24165M:16753 CGU24175M:01077 CGU24187M:02795 CGU24210M:86647 CGU24250M:90067 CGU26155M:06936 CGU26165M:04212 CGU26175M:05763 CGU26187M:04324 CGU26250M:08195 CGU28187M:41875 CGU30175M:14566 CGU30187M:02919 CGU30210M: CGU30250M: CGU36175:16742 CGU36187:74315 CGU36250:90068 CGU42187:07519 CGU42210: CGU42220:51084