Heavy Duty Orange Cured Concrete Diamond Blades


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For cutting reinforced concrete with hard aggregate

  • .250” Diamond Depth

Part #'s and its respective CAT #'s where applicable, CH10110M:07468 CH10125M:20162 CH12110M:00828 CH12125M:06380 CH12140M:16609 CH12155M:29421 CH12187M:33947 CH12250M:07514 CH12375M:00181 CH14110M:00819 CH14125M:06444 CH14140M:07603 CH14155M:09247 CH14187M:07614 CH14250M:00744 CH14375M:07632 CH16125M:03921 CH16140M:07652 CH16155M:35207 CH16187M:19270 CH16250M:18417 CH18125M:07665 CH18140M:07686 CH18155M:07696 CH18165M:07707 CH18175M:15724 CH18187M:07712 CH18210M:07719 CH18250M:07721 CH20125M:07723 CH20140M:07731 CH20155M:09248 CH20165M:30903 CH20187M:07746 CH20250M:20890 CH24140M:07755 CH24155M:07769 CH24165M:07785 CH24175M:07790 CH24187M:07803 CH24210M:07809 CH24250M:14765 CH26155M:07823 CH26165M:17877 CH26175M:07833 CH26187M:07841 CH26250M:14165 CH28187M:04676 CH30175M:07862 CH30187M:06950 CH30210M:06441 CH30250M:04341 CH32175: CH32187:99078 CH32210:32916 CH32250:07896 CH36175:14963 CH36187:07902 CH36210:33018 CH36250:10035 CH42187:07918 CH42210:02897 CH42220:03967 CH48210:38803 CH48250:81133 CH54220:23125