Heavy Duty Orange Floor Grinding Heads


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8", 10" and 12" Diameter Heads

  •  To ensure maximum performance, water is required to cool the grinding heads during the grinding process
  •   General Purpose and Hard Aggregate Concrete Grinding
  •  For use on floor grinding machines
  • Large 10” and 12” grinding heads that take the rough spots out of concrete surfaces in a hurry along with an 8” head for smaller units
  • Effective on floors, streets, highways, sidewalks and more
  • Cleans, levels and smooths bumps and uneven areas
  • Removes rain spots and epoxies
  • For use on Core Cut floor grinders and other similar machines

Part #'s and its respective CAT #'s where applicable, GHH0809:03330 GHH1020:11398 GHH1010:08604 GHH1212:69786 GHH1224:38541 GH08PCD:13406 GH10PCD:23758 GH10PCDLEFT:54116