Imperial Purple Cured Concrete Diamond Blades


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For use on walk behind saws.

  • .394" Diamond Depth 
  • Economical blades that work well for contractors who don't have a heavy volume of cutting to do. 
  • Delivers the speed and convenience of a diamond blade compared with conventional abrasive blades that require frequent blade changes. 
  • Basic quality diamond and economical cutting value.
  • Medium aggregate hardness - Imperial Purple specifications for light to medium reinforced concrete.

To ensure maximum performance, water is required to cool these blades during the cutting process.

Note: 24" and larger come with Slant (x) Segment. 1" arbor with drive pin hole standard.

Part #'s and its respective CAT #'s where applicable, AI14140XM:36821 AI16140XM:94530 AI18140XM:36822 AI20140XM:36823 AI24155XM:36824 AI26165XM:36825 AI30187XM:36828 AI36187XM:36831 CI14125M:36800 CI16125M:36808 CI18125M:36809 CI20140M:36811 CI20155M:39504 CI20187M:37037 CI24155M:36814 CI26155M:36815 CI26165M:39498 CI26187M:37039 CI30155M:36817 CI30187M:36818 CI36187M:36834