Joint Widening and Cleaning Diamond Blades


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  • Widen control joints in green concrete or old sealed joints in cured concrete.
  • Used in pairs with spacers, which allow the desired joint width to be maintained by flipping the blades inside out as the side gauge wears on the outside edge
  • Spacers used between joint blades are made specifically for your machine and application

Available Quality Grades:

  • Heavy Duty Orange (H) (.250” depth)
  • Premium Black (P) (.275” depth)
  • Professional Blue (T) (.310” depth)

Part #'s and its respective CAT #'s where applicable, AH12220M:46629 AH12187M:88705 AH12250M:04472 AH14187M:78810 AH14250M:03488 AP12187M:83031 AP12250M:09580 AP12220M: AP14187M:14038 AP14250M:07849 AT12250M:56731 AT12187M:45077 AT12220M: AT14187M:81280 AT14250M:00155