Premium Black Hydraulic Hand Saw Blades, 20mm Split Segment


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For use on hydraulic hand saws

Premium Black wet blades for wall sawing give outstanding cutting life and better productivity on wall saw/hand saw applications. Premium Black is designed for contractors who demand maximum efficiency. Available with various segment designs.

Part #'s and its respective CAT #'s where applicable, WP14140MM:38580 WP14125MM:12601 WP16140MM:36038 WP16125MM:06852 WP18220MM:13567 WP18250MM:12670 WP18210MM:12657 WP18187MM:12645 WP18125MM:12633 WP20165MM:74970 WP20155MM:29829 WP20625125MM:20064 WP20210MM:12759 WP20187MM:12745 WP20125MM:12719 WP20140MM:12499 WP20625140MM:03920 WP24250MM:12881 WP24220MM:12867 WP24210MM:12849 WP24187MM:12813 WP24140MM:12778 WP26210MM:12905 WP26187MM:12897 WP30250MM:12997 WP30220MM:12986 WP30210MM:12966 WP30175MM:12921 WP30187MM:12011 WP32175MM:13003 WP32210MM:13011 WP32187MM:13007 WP36220MM:13064 WP36210MM:13054 WP36175MM:13021 WP36250MM:10747 WP36187MM:10239 WP42250MM:13110 WP42210MM:13098 WP42187MM:13081 WP48250MM:15748 WP48210MM:09718 WP54250MM:13145 WP54210MM:05218 WP60220MM:01701 WP72220MM:19090