Premium T-Seg Turbo High Speed Blades


Diamond Products

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  • General purpose cutting in concrete and masonry
  • Special T-Segment offers built-in core protection
  • Blades 7” and above come with a 7/8” bushing (removable) in a diamond arbor

Part #'s and its respective CAT #'s where applicable, TS7P12125:74610 TS7P121255PK:74615 TS7P14125:74612 TS7P141255PK:74617 TS7P04070:73958 TS7P040705PK:74142 TS7P045070:73959 TS7P0450705PK:74143 TS7P05075:73960 TS7P050755PK:74144 TS7P06080:73961 TS7P060805PK:74145 TS7P07090:73962 TS7P070905PK:74146 TS7P08095:73964 TS7P080955PK:74148 TS7P09095:73965 TS7P090955PK:74149 TS7P10095:73966 TS7P100955PK:74150