Pro Blue Hydraulic Hand Saw Blades, 9mm Split Segment


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For use on hydraulic hand saws

Pro Blue wet blades for wall sawing give professional + cutting life and the extra productivity on wall sawing/hand sawing applications. Pro Blue Plus has high diamond height to lower your overall cutting costs. Available with various segment designs.

Part #'s and its respective CAT #'s where applicable, WT14140M9:45421 WT14125M9:11002 WT16125M9:04264 WT16140M9:04105 WT18125M9:11984 WT20165M9:65107 WT20187M9:14194 WT20140M9:06938 WT20125M9:04592 WT20625140M9:03042 WT20625125M9:02168 WT24187M9:39522 WT24140M9:01718 WT24250M9: WT26187M9:31809 WT30250M9:00158 WT30187M9:25030 WT32187M9:70437 WT48210M9:10619 WT60220M9:51820 WT72220M9:51837 WT14125M9U:99965 WT18210M9U:68623 WT18250M9U:69656 WT24220M9U:79346 WT24250M9U:35503 WT24187M9U: WT30210M9U:14781 WT30187M9U:27903 WT30250M9U:11571 WT32187M9U:66546 WT32175M9U: WT36220M9U:63361 WT36250M9U:35876 WT42187M9U:30331 WT42210M9U:76173 WT42250M9U:35884 WT48250M9U:49484