Pro Blue Wet Core Bore Bits Standard & Open End T0L


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  • General Purpose 
  • Hard Aggregate 
  • Heavy Steel 
  • Longest Life 
  • Very high quality diamond longest coring life 
  • Segmented wet coring 
  • Tall segment increases coring life and speed

Part #'s and its respective CAT #'s where applicable, BT1000:06712 BTO1000:06920 BT1125:06725 BTO1125:32200 BT1250:06732 BTO1250:17687 BT1375:20645 BTO1375:32201 BT1500:06740 BTO1500:06923 BT1625:06743 BTO1625:32207 BTO1750:17701 BT1750:19920 BTO1875:32233 BT1875:81099 BT2000:06753 BTO2000:06927 BT2500:06760 BTO2500:06930 BT3000:06771 BTO3000:06935 BT3500:06781 BTO3500:06939 BT4000:06791 BTO4000:06941 BT4500:06802 BTO4500:06943 BT5000:06808 BTO5000:06946 BT5500:06812 BTO5500:48095 BT6000:06819 BTO6000:06949 BT6500:06824 BTO6500:48101 BT7000:06826 BTO7000:36275 BT8000:06833 BTO8000:06951 BT9000:06841 BTO9000:36276 BT10000:06715 BTO10000:06921