Pro Heavy Duty Orange Cured Concrete Diamond Blades


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  • .310” Diamond Depth
  • Taller segment, high diamond concentration

Part #'s and its respective CAT #'s where applicable, CTH10110M: CTH10125M: CTH12110M:30556 CTH12125M:09259 CTH12140M: CTH12155M: CTH12187M:38839 CTH12250M:08640 CTH12375M: CTH14110M: CTH14125M:08730 CTH14140M:17491 CTH14155M:80395 CTH14187M:39678 CTH14250M:10340 CTH14375M:17986 CTH16125M:71766 CTH16140M: CTH16155M:30561 CTH16187M:97650 CTH18125M:19782 CTH18140M:29627 CTH18155M:32703 CTH18165M: CTH18175M: CTH18187M:39682 CTH18250M:11081 CTH20125M:16921 CTH20140M:67886 CTH20155M:19215 CTH20165M:63333 CTH20187M:91365 CTH20250M:09971 CTH24140M:81577 CTH24155M:15904 CTH24165M:85784 CTH24175M: CTH24187M:38952 CTH24250M:39072 CTH26155M:20588 CTH26165M:11114 CTH26175M: CTH26187M:31958 CTH26250M:38953 CTH30175M:28457 CTH30187M:30867 CTH30250M:11476 CTH32250:79556 CTH36175:70230 CTH36187:39523 CTH36250: CTH42187:15666 CTH42220: CTH48250:53187 CTH54220: CTH60220: