Super Heavy Duty Orange Cured Concrete Diamond Blades


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  • .375” Diamond Depth
  • Even taller segment and higher diamond concentration
  • Fast cutting blade that works well with a wide variety of high or low HP saws
  • Combines long life performance while maximizing your blade dollars

Part #'s and its respective CAT #'s where applicable, CSH10110M: CSH10125M: CSH12110M:57648 CSH12125M:02300 CSH12140M:72954 CSH12155M:59289 CSH12187M:59294 CSH12250M:15860 CSH12375M:66965 CSH14110M:20027 CSH14125M:02836 CSH14140M:86945 CSH14155M:05487 CSH14187M:24144 CSH14250M:36260 CSH14375M:85403 CSH16125M:09214 CSH16140M:86946 CSH16155M:41858 CSH16187M:21740 CSH16250M:94734 CSH18125M:09216 CSH18140M:08756 CSH18155M:72849 CSH18165M:41853 CSH18175M: CSH18187M:63878 CSH18250M:07522 CSH20125M:14983 CSH20140M:61422 CSH20155M:10128 CSH20165M:08433 CSH20187M:74625 CSH20250M:00772 CSH24140M:38538 CSH24155M:05485 CSH24165M:90351 CSH24175M:73741 CSH24187M:07416 CSH24250M:09025 CSH26155M:08212 CSH26165M:11726 CSH26175M:98363 CSH26187M:02221 CSH26250M:07523 CSH30175M:62082 CSH30187M:46613 CSH30250M:90277 CSH32187:32097 CSH36175:70940 CSH36187:36471 CSH36250:73141 CSH42187: CSH42220: CSH48250: CSH54220:72025 CSH60220:59089