Super Premium Red Core Bore Bits SPOL


Diamond Products

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  • General Purpose 
  • Hard Aggregate 
  • Moderate Steel 
  • Very Long Life 
  • Provides very high quality diamond and very long coring life 
  • Segmented wet coring 
  • Tall segment increases coring life

Part #'s and its respective CAT #'s where applicable, BSP1000:06629 BSPO1000:17818 BSPO1250:17855 BSP1250:21128 BSP1500:06639 BSPO1500:17865 BSP1750:06640 BSPO1750:34429 BSP2000:06641 BSPO2000:70389 BSP2500:06647 BSPO2500:06686 BSP3000:06650 BSPO3000:30001 BSP3500:06652 BSPO3500:22377 BSP4000:06654 BSPO4000:70466 BSP4500:06660 BSPO4500:75339 BSP5000:06662 BSPO5000:73215 BSP6000:06665 BSPO6000:06700 BSP7000:06670 BSPO7000:17923 BSP8000:06672 BSPO8000:77867 BSP9000:06676 BSPO9000:17947 BSP10000:06631 BSPO10000:17950